Media, Human Rights and the (De)construction of Public Opinion: A Comparative Analysis of Media's Covering concerning Hu

junio 14, 2012 – junio 16, 2012

COORDINADORES: Luca Bussotti | Miguel de Barros

Resumen: This research program has been presented by six (6) researchers and financed by Codesria in 2011.
Main objective: to show how the press in the PALOPs has covered Human Rights and its violations, principally from the point of view of violations carried out by institutional subjects, such as the police and the justice and penitentiary system.
Methodology: quantitative and qualitative: 1. selection of a survey of journals and magazines of each countries, analyzing how much (quantitative perspective) and how (qualitative approach) they have covered, in the last fifteen (15) years, the questions of Human Rights.
First outcomes: 1. distinction between the historic phase of not democratic and democratic regimes concerning the covering of Human Rights by the press;
1. There are specific tendencies to all the countries we have analyzed, but in all them Public institution began to be investigated by journalists with a high level of professionalism, so Human Rights too began to be included in the political agenda, capturing the attention of the Media and of public opinion too.
2. In this aspect, the prominent role continues to be played by independent press, even if in a quite sporadic and not systematic form.
3. Nevertheless, the independent press has a significant role concerning the sensitization of Public Opinion to Human Rights.
4. ?Defensive? approach of Public Press concerning Human Rights.
5. This new scenario originated two different manner to deal with Human Rights: on one side, Public Press uses to cover Human Rights just when strictly necessary; on the other, we have seen cases of violations of Human Rights (as tortures and extrajudicial executions) discovered by Independent Press.
7. Sources. According with these two different perspectives, Public Press approaches news without looking for independent sources, meanwhile Independent Press reports news going beyond the official version given by the official sources.
8. Use of photos. Independent Press uses to put photos with the report, aiming to show the violation of Police against the people, differently from Public Press, which generally does not use this important mean.
However, in some cases the use of photos reveals the lack of respect for a particular kind of Human Rights, the Privacy. In this case, for the first time in our countries, we can note a clash between two basic rights: the right to information and the right to Privacy.

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