The words on the trees: Uses and discourses form nature and African cultures

junio 14, 2012 – junio 16, 2012

COORDINADORES: Amélia Frazão-Moreira | Dolores Agúndez


Among the management of natural resources for the survival of local populations and their conservation, defined as the sustainable management of these resources, sometimes conflicts occur. Conflicts based on different rationales and different cultural perceptions of nature.
The analysis of historical and contemporary discourses for tourists, from tourists and about the African tourism allows us to understand the colonial constructions of Africa’s natural and cultural realities and also the post-colonial processes of identity reconstruction. It is possible to understand the different perceptions of nature and African cultures.
The main points of this panel are as follow:
- the perceptions and appropriations of nature arising from the uses of plants, especially of forest resources, and from conservation processes.
- the objectification of nature and African cultures within touristic cultural exchanges.
This panel will consider, among others, research related to such themes as: management and sustainability of local forest practices; involvement of local communities in biodiversity conservation programs; confront of rationalities in the processes of conservation and biodiversity management; colonial and post-colonial tourism promotion and safari tourism and ecotourism’s naturalist and conservationist frameworks; construction of ‘Africa’ throughout experiential touristic narratives; state and NGOs political rhetoric’s of promotion or resistance to conservation and ecotourism; contemporary configurations and transformations of tourism/local culture relationship.

Idiomas: Inglés, Portugués y Español

Formato: Discussant

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