Technologies for Development

junio 14, 2012 – junio 16, 2012

COORDINADORES: Maria Antónia Barreto | Filipe Santos


The last years have seen a facilitation of technological access that allows us to consider it as a global phenomenon. Still it is important to analyze the sense of that globalism, its appropriation by the state and civil society and what is the impact of their use. These questions are fundamental in the scope of the studies about development.

In particular, we see that a greater number of NGOs use technological solutions to solve the problems of the populations. We also see demonstrative examples of how technology has been a tool to aware world public opinion and promote participation in development. .

In this panel, we aim to know and analyze: .

- Technological contributes to create and promote a public opinion favorable to development.

- Specific technology designed to solve problems related to development.

- Appropriation of technologies by civil society organizations and their use in the activities of development.

- The impact of technology developing countries

Idiomas: Inglés, Portugués y Español

Formato: Mesa redonda

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