From OAU to AU: The New Millennium and the State of Democracy in Africa

junio 14, 2012 – junio 16, 2012

COORDINADORES: Daniel Mekonnen

Resumen: In July 2002, African leaders dissolved the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) and created the African Union (AU). By emphasising on democracy, good governance and respect for human rights as necessary pre-requisites for development, the AU makes a significant departure, at least in theory, from the modes operandi of its predecessor which is known for its long-held principle of ?non-interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states.? In July 2012, the AU will celebrate its tenth anniversary. The event is an opportune moment in stocktaking the state of democracy in Africa since the establishment of the AU. Some critiques argue that the change of name from OAU to AU was a mere cosmetic gimmick devoid of any substance. Is this perceived bias or a well-grounded concern?

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